First EVER blog post

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Paul.  I’m over the halfway mark of my BEDU Primary course.  I have been an online student since I commenced the course in January 2014.  I guess I would have to identify as a mature age student, having spent many years running my own carpentry business in Brisbane.  After several moves with my wife in the teacher transfer process, with me working as a teacher aide in both the primary and secondary sectors, I am currently enjoying being a stay at home dad with my 1 year old while also trying to complete the remaining subjects in my degree.

Where is my Blog?

Well….It is here of course 😉

My relationship with ICT

My relationship with ICT began with the Commodore 64, plugged into a 34 cm television, and spending hours loading games from a cassette…yes… a cassette… only for an error to occur or for something else to happen which would mean starting again.  One thing I did learn as a child with a Commodore 64 was patience.

I have always tried to embrace advancements in technology as they have come along (cash permitting of course), especially working in the building industry, and have come to appreciate how handy a lot of devices, their software and their functions can be.  I guess one of the things I have found difficult is learning the language/lingo that goes with a lot of these things.

One of the more useful ICTs I have used over the years, was my first ever netbook, which was just powerful enough to run my invoicing software and a portable printer for producing on the spot invoices for small jobs.

The image (link below) represents how I usually feel when dealing with ICT issues…Isolated… with a whole lot of issues getting over the obstacle.

Log cabin [Image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from


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