ICTs at Uni

For me, studying online was to be the ultimate experience, not to mention, a great convenience.  Learning from the comfort of my own recliner, without the hassles of fighting traffic, parking and any other issues encountered in on-campus study.  I found the the thought of being able to access information through an online library search rather than actually looking through shelves of journals and books very appealing.

Isn’t technology grand?

As David wrote somewhere in the Week 1 Learning Path, “most of the resources are lecture slides, perhaps with some recordings, and tutorial sheets.”   This is a fairly interactive way to learn…but… then the along come the courses where the assignments involve making videos, or slideshow presentations, or animations.  Where are the researched, written papers?  They are much more within my comfort zone than having to learn how to master software to produce a high quality presentation. Just when I think I have a handle on the type of ICT that I will need to use, along comes EDC3100.


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