The week that was…part 2.

Copyright…wow…what a topic?  It seems that it is nearly too hard to use anything made by someone else.  That does makes it more difficult for a less than creative person such as myself.  However, simply by tuning into the zoom meeting, I have found out about creative commons.  Since starting my degree in 2014, I had often heard, or read, about people using Creative Commons “stuff” in their assignments.  It was something I thought I could get away with not bothering to learn about or even to find out what it meant.  Apparently, I was wrong.  While the process of looking “stuff” isn’t quite as simple as a Google search anymore, I certainly appreciate that it is one way I can avoid possible litigation against me from owners of work.  As Jackie Brown says in her post, most of us know the symbol, but many, including myself, didn’t really understand the true meaning.  Adding to this, I was shocked that the absence of the copyright symbol doesn’t matter according to Australian Laws.

Susan’s experience, as written in her post, is something I definitely want to avoid.  Just as putting your heart and soul into a work, then being told you can’t use it, would not be a good experience, so to would be coming up with an original idea, then finding that other people have been sharing it without acknowledgement of your hard work and efforts.


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