Assignment 1

Well, that’s in….  Feels like there was far too many blank spaces left.  But it seems there were others with this same feeling.  I guess, for me, it’s because it’s not the academic essay style of assessment that I would prefer to be working on.  To me, it felt like I’ve missed a whole lot of something that should have gone into it…Did I pick a lesson plan that met the criteria?  Well I sure do hope so…In my opinion, it ticked all the boxes in the lesson plan criteria.  Have I included all the ICT found in the lesson plan in my assignment checklist?  Again, I hope so.  The assignment information said that it didn’t have to include much, but the more, the better….basically.

David put a forum post up this week about dropping the course….If only it was that simple.  I guess for some, dropping the course can be a viable option….Not so much for others.  I thought it was interesting considering how far in to the semester we already are.  It also made me think….  If people are struggling to engage in course work now, how would they go on prac.  I know for myself, last prac, I wasn’t in the “right” headspace and it showed in the behaviour of the students and how I approached my planning.  It was a very long three weeks.  This prac has to be different.  It has to be better than last prac.  I am going back to the same school this time, so hopefully I won’t have as much anxiety.  I hope that those waiting to find their placements hear back soon for the PE office.

All the best.


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