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Well in my last post, I said I was going to try an be more positive.  That’s a very difficult thing to do at times.  This is one of those times.

Formative Assessment…In previous courses throughout this degree, on pracs and working in schools for a number of years now as a Teacher Aide, I have come to know formative assessment to be a very important part of the process of teaching and gathering “data” on students to gauge how they are going, and how the teacher is going.  Is the teacher doing a good job.

I agree, there is not much point teaching a unit of work, getting to the end and having the class fail… That has happened to me in a past life as an apprentice.  The teacher, although he was a very knowledgeable gent when it came to building/engineering, he did not have a clue what he was doing, and a majority of the class failed the exam he wrote.

However, what I am annoyed about, and it doesn’t just stop at formative assessment, but in a lot of other areas too….Why teach something…ie Formative assessment is….(which aligns with the belief/definition etc in the marketplace so to speak…then in the very next course in the same program say…well hang on, it is actually this and everything you thought you knew and everything that people do in the market place to do with formative assessment is actually incorrect.

Maybe in my haste to get things ticked off my to do list, I may have overlooked some things here and it may not be a fair indication of what has happened….However, that is my perception at this point in time.

On another note.  At the start of the semester I enjoyed embracing the new idea (to me) of using Feedly.  Every day, I would open my computer and I would read all the things that appeared there.  As the days wore on, I had to limit myself to 30 mins.  Then I found I was not able to get through all of it, so I allowed 30 mins in the morning and another 30mins in the evening.  It is now week 8 and there are over 500 items in my Feedly that I have yet to read.  Not sure when/if that will happen.


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