here we go again….

Be handy to get paid for writing these things…Does anyone know how I can achieve that?

Like Georgina I am quite a long way behind in a couple of my subjects.  This is due to many reasons, but doesn’t make trying to catch up on recorded tutes, lectures and readings any easier.  But I guess I’m in the same boat as Ashleigh.  I have been finding that reading other students blog posts are/can be very helpful as motivators to get through this and other subjects.

Unlike most in this course, I am in the fortunate position of knowing where I am going for prac, who my mentor is and what my class will be like as I had to organise it.  I know right….But the prac office says that you aren’t allowed to anymore due to QCT rules and conflicts of interest etc and any other rubbish reason they can cling to.  But for me, this is a “follow on” from EDP3333 as I was permitted (lucky me) to do the courses in a separate order.  The negative in all this is though, that my mentor is on long service leave this term, so I haven’t been able to meet up with him to do any planning.  Here’s hoping he may be available on the holidays.

And as you can see from the above, I’m still struggling to find/write about positives.

Although the weather has been pretty good where I am 😉




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