Learning Objectives…

Hey. How’s it going?  Hopefully assignment 2 has been going well for you all.  As I have mentioned in earlier posts, not so great for me…but it is of my own doing, and I can accept that.

Although this post may be a tad too late for any useful feedback before assignment 2 is submitted, my learning objectives are:

The natural resources provided by the environment, and different views on how they could be used sustainably (ACHGK024)

The sustainable management of waste from production and consumption(ACHGK025)

Present findings in a range of communication forms, for example, written, oral, digital, graphic, tabular and visual, and use geographical terminology(ACHGS031)

As you can probably tell, these are from the Australian Curriculum.  They come from version 7.5 from the KLA of Geography for Year 4.

The Standard Elaborations can be found on this page from QCAA.


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