Here I go again…(not) on my own

So I had a strange thought.  Every time I open WordPress to write a Blog, in my head, I hear Whitesnake‘s classic lyric, Here I go again…(of course in my head the last part is “on my blog”).  Last Blog post, my title was Here we go again…so back to my thought.  Even though I’m not like Colin, Charlotte, Chris, and others, who love the music on in the back ground when they are working, I do think, or relate things to song lyrics when working.

Sometimes it is kind of like a segue in my mind.  Weird much?

Anyway, moving on….Assignment 2 has been on the back burner. Not just because I have been working on another assignment due at the same time, but also because I am lacking any confidence in what I have done and if it is engaging or not.

How do we even know?  I mean, what i might think is an awesome task that students will love, the marker may think “no, that is ordinary….why would you do that?”  Of course it could very well go the other way too.  It is the at the discretion of the marker to decide if our learning plans will hook kids in or transform their worlds.

I know from one experience when I was teacher aiding in a Year 10 science class, the relatively new teacher had prepared this awesome lesson for her students.  The first class were amazing and enjoyed every minute of it…The second class…not so much.  Even though both classes were evenly matched (behaviour wise) normally, the second class played up like a shop full of second hand lawn mowers.  So really, what is engaging?


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