It’s the final countdown….

After this post, I only have a maximum of nine to go till the end of the course.  It may be only a small feat for some but it has been a mission for me.  Like I mentioned a previous post, committing to doing something like this is hard.  I don’t know why.  I have no problem doing my usual uni tasks that are asked of me.  But when it comes to course that require regular weekly (or so) input, I really struggle.

So as the next few weeks roll on by at full speed, prac will be at the front of my mind.  Just reading a post by Jess, I can honestly say that I feel the same way in some respects.


I have chosen to delete what I initially typed here because I believe that it is so important to remain professional.  Hopefully, the people we rely on in the positions that control our future will be just as professional.


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