Too many times…

Feels like I’ve posted far too many blogs.  Well, more than what is required anyway.  But not yet.

With one month until the start of prac, I am beginning to get both excited and worried.  I am excited that I will be heading into a Year 6 class for the first time, but also worried that I’m not going to get the chance to feature much ICT in my lessons.

I mean in my pracs up until now, my main use of ICT has been using the smart board as a projector.  This of course is due to having to use my own computer and I don’t have access to the smart board software that is required to use the features of the IWB.  In a way, i was hoping that this course would touch on ways to maximise use of IWBs.  Maybe in the module 3 learning paths it will.  I guess I will find out once assignment 2 is out of the way.


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