Woah, we’re halfway there….

So, we’re sort of like halfway ish…..oh really, I don’t know as my calendar is down in my office and I couldn’t be bothered getting up right this minute.

But anyway, sticking with the last blog’s theme of a song lyric title, this one popped into my head and here we are.  While I sit here with a sudden case of writer’s block for this post I have thought of the next post’s title.

So ICTs in the classroom…just tonight, I read a post about this and it got me thinking…..You know I’ve witnessed plenty of time wasting in many high school classrooms waiting for computers to log on, having iPads that don’t connect to the network, students who forget (constantly) their passwords and so on.

So when the students finally do get on to the school network, or the computer actually starts, then there is that problem of keeping them on task.  The school I was at, and I’m sure it’s most likely at all govie schools, was a screen watch program allowing the teacher to have every computer screen in the room displayed on their screen in real time.  This meant that anyone who decided to wander off from the task at hand could be easily encouraged straight back to work again.


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