But wait…There’s more…

So here I was at the start of the mid semester break thinking I had planned everything out so well.  I pumped out two, out of four, final assignments due while in the second week of my prac in a few weeks.  I still have some polishing to do, but the majority of work is done.  Meanwhile, like many in this course, it is now the final weekend before prac and I still haven’t got off the mark with EDC3100 A3 and A2 in another course.

For some silly reason, I also had myself believing that I had completed all of my bog posts.  Luckily, seeing blog posts come up in Feedly, I decided I should check it out and of course, I have 9 out of 9 to do.  I also have to do all of the learning journal, so a busy time ahead before Tuesday morning.

…and after a short recess…I’m back.  So I know like everyone, I will be extremely busy on prac, but now I will try to include more reflections in my blogging.  Speaking of reflecting/reflections..it’s something that Ive never really quite become used to in terms of writing it down.  In my previous career, where reflecting on how I did a job meant whether or not my business continued to remain successful, most, if not all of my reflecting happened mentally.  I also had the opportunity to talk through a lot of stuff with others in the industry which allowed me to learn from their mistakes.  I had to remember it as I had no time to go back and look through written journals etc.  Anything I learned was exactly that…a lesson learned.  Now I feel like I must have been doing it wrong all these years.  So as I approach prac, I have four guiding questions to ask after each and every lesson I teach, and after every lesson I observe.

What went well?

What didn’t go well?

What needs tweaking?

And what can be done to make those tweaks?

I guess I should also add to this by asking, What was really bad and how could I improve that?

So make that five guiding questions to start a written reflection.



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