Well that went quickly…

And I have finished my first four days of prac.  I’m not sure what went more quickly…The four days, or this weekend that I desperately needed so much for assignments and for planning this week’s lesson.  Anyway, here I am again, propped up in bed with my computer jumping from job to job as I remember to add things here and there to all of the open windows on my screen.

Like many, I hit the ground running having to teach my first lesson pretty much straight away.  Feedback from my mentor has been very positive so far and this prac has been far more productive for me in the first four days, than most of my entire last prac.  Although I’ve basically only been using the IWB as a projector so far, I do have some engaging ICT experiences for the students toward the end of this week.  Like Emma and Jane, my mentor is super supportive of the use of ICT in the classroom.  The problem for me will be to get the students into it.  On my first day, and as part of my introduction to the class, I had prepared a profile questionaire and many of the students in my class are not interested in ICTs.  The majority of the class is sport orientated and would rather engage in role playing activities and educational games involving movement.  I am hoping to get more ideas from this website on how to use the projector more effectively.

4 down.  11 to go.


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