Loving this prac…

So into the second week and approaching hump day.  Where has the time gone?  Out of all of my pracs, I feel like this one has been the best so far.  I’ll admit, I was very nervous when I found out I would be in a Year 6 class for this prac.  Previous pracs have been great, but this time just seems better.  So I ask myself, why is this so?

Is it to do with my mentor?  I think so.  Unlike a couple of my previous mentors, this time, we just seemed to have clicked and it is making a massive difference in how I deliver my lessons and just generally fitting into his classroom.

In terms of implementing ICT, I should be getting to the nuts and bolts of it later this week.  In class, we have looking at natural disasters and the students are going prepare a 60 video, aimed at Preppies-Year Ones about how to prepare for a flood/cyclone/bushfire.  So each group has decided on what they will focus and will look at things these younger kids can do, for example, pick up loose items (their toys) in the yard before a cyclone comes.

Like Mrsrisson, I have found the 50 ways to use a projector in the classroom very helpful.  I also splurged on a wireless mouse and a Powerpoint clicker, so I don’t have to stand near my computer when I’m going through slides.

I also found myself having to step up today when another Year 6 teacher went home unexpectedly early.  Similar to what Dean faced, my mentor had to move in next door to keep them working and I had to take over the class with very limited supervision.  I felt that it made it more like having my own class and when I finally got to sit down with my mentor, he said he didn’t even know our class were still in the room they were working so well.  Here I was thinking they were being a little too rowdy.  So that was a positive.


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