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Knowledge and experience?

Having previously worked within education systems, I am somewhat familiar with procedures and protocols around safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT in the workplace and the classroom.  I would prefer not to comment on my personal experiences with students involved in cyber bullying and also regarding identity theft and fraud as I deem this to be inappropriate to publish online.

In terms of the quizzes, I didn’t do as well as I thought I would.  It seems that the literature reviews go against the common thought or belief amongst school counsellors (G.Os and Chappies) that I have spoken to over the years who have given me contradicting advice around bully self esteem and other matters.  Obviously, the literature reviews would be more accurate, so I now have a job to do to find out more for myself, rather than use the data collected in schools relating to incidences of bullying.

So I just did the cyber safety quiz.  I got 1 wrong.  Apparently, according to the cyber safety quiz, it is ok to provide your first name.  I don’t agree with that.  A first name can still make you identifiable if your IP address is traced by an undesirable person.  Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but that’s my choice and I definitely won’t be allowing my son to be using his real name online.

While I don’t profess to know it all about remaining safe online, I follow the protocols set out by my former workplaces both at work and in my use of home internet to ensure that my privacy, and that of my family is protected, as much as possible, from undesirable people.


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