To get some inspiration for my posts, I have been scrolling through Feedly to see if anything helps.  Thankfully, Emma has written a post which brought back a memory from prac.

On previous pracs, I have done a similar thing to Emma and created Powerpoints for my lessons and for various reasons.  So far, all of mentors have mentioned that this has been a great addition to my lessons, especially for those students who aren’t as quick to write things down and when there is limited board space due to rules, or behaviour charts, or displays, or anything else that gets stuck on the board because there is simply no more wall space in the room for it.

Now this prac, while my mentor did agree with the opinion of previous mentors that my Powerpoints were a great inclusion, he also made me think.  At no time while he was teaching did he use a Powerpoint.  He used the projector (and speakers) to provide audio visuals if required, but no Powerpoints.  So after observing a couple of his lessons, I asked him why he didn’t use them.  He explained to me that in previous years, he had gone down the path of making up these fantastic slides to use in lessons, but he noticed a significant drop in the quality of student bookwork.  Students were becoming lazy with their bookwork because writing was not being modelled on the board for them.  With him writing on the board, it also gave students time to keep up with what he was writing and he could better gauge how well they travelling.

When reflecting on my own lessons to that point, I saw what he meant.  I found that by reducing my reliance on Powerpoints and increasing my boardwork, I was able to engage in better discussions with the class about the topics were studying.  Now, this could be due to many reasons.  For example, it may just be what this class is used to, or because of their age group.  However, it did make me question the many hours that I had put into creating “engaging” slides.


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