7 to go…

So even though my draft report came through the other day and it says I’m sitting on 5/5 for the learning journal,  I don’t trust it.  I was in that situation last time.  My posts averaged more than enough words, however I didn’t have the right number of posts and therefore, I lost marks.  So I obviously misunderstood the task somehow.  So just to be sure, I am writing another 7 posts to meet the minimum requirement.

At the risk of sounding very selfish, I am glad that I have now completed prac and that this assignment and the blogs are the last due for the semester.  I am really looking forward to an actual break from uni work for the 12 days I have between S2 finishing and S3 commencing.  I really feel for those in the position like Misscheado wh are only commencing now, or those who don’t have a prac to go to as yet.  Both situations simply inexcusable on the part of the prac office.


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