Last post, I decided to stop what I was saying.  Mainly because I felt it was the professional thing to do.  So this post, I am going to reflect on the awesome three weeks that were my prac.

I had a wonderful Year 6 class made up of 15 boys and 14 girls of mixed ability.  My mentor and I got on extremely well.  He has had many years of experience and it was great to be able to freely tap into some of that wealth of knowledge and experience in the relatively short time we had together.  Like Jordan, I had an extremely positive experience.  Not that I haven’t in the past, it was just somehow even more rewarding this time.

I did find that although the school has access to a lot of ICT, its use in my classroom was restrictive.  Now to me, that is fine, as my experiences over the years as teacher aide working in classrooms where teachers have to struggle against departmental constraints I have witnessed how much time can be lost due to ICTs and how disillusioned in lessons students can become because of this.  I’m sure there are probably many studies out there that disagree with what I’ve witnessed, but hey, that’s what I’ve witnessed.  And we certainly don’t live in a perfect world.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not discounting the value of ICTs in the classroom, but just like in the workplace, ICTs are a long way from being the be all and end all.


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