APA referencing…

So during the mid semester break, I received four of my assignments back.  While I was extremely happy with the marks I received, the comments, as they have done so prior to this round of results have left me baffled.

Since 1st year, it has been hammered home (for me anyway), that we need to use APA 6th edition for referencing.  Some lecturers/courses have even asked for, or required APA 6th formatting including running headings etc.  Now that is fine.  Easy marks right?  Just follow the guide provided by the University.  Except that when you follow one guide and your marker has followed another guide, there is a clash and the student loses.

Again, I have been very happy with my marks and don’t really consider the one or two marks worth arguing about (at the risk of losing marks in other areas and the time and hassle involved), but it is the principle of it.  If we , as students, are expected to use a certain APA 6th edition guide, then the markers should be expected to use that same guide so that the inconsistencies in the marking can be avoided.   Just to provide a working example of this, in one of my last assignments, the comment was “The page numbering in in-text references is only needed if it is a direct quote or an edited text”, while this is true, the manual also goes onto state that they could “be helpful and should be included if possible.”  So the ‘minor errors’ in my APA were not actually minor errors…or were they?

Now this in no way is a reflection on my results so far in EDC3100 as I have not had this issue in this course.  It is a general comment, based on what has happened to me throughout my degree and an issue I have read about through course Facebook pages and forums with other students.


But wait…There’s more…

So here I was at the start of the mid semester break thinking I had planned everything out so well.  I pumped out two, out of four, final assignments due while in the second week of my prac in a few weeks.  I still have some polishing to do, but the majority of work is done.  Meanwhile, like many in this course, it is now the final weekend before prac and I still haven’t got off the mark with EDC3100 A3 and A2 in another course.

For some silly reason, I also had myself believing that I had completed all of my bog posts.  Luckily, seeing blog posts come up in Feedly, I decided I should check it out and of course, I have 9 out of 9 to do.  I also have to do all of the learning journal, so a busy time ahead before Tuesday morning.

…and after a short recess…I’m back.  So I know like everyone, I will be extremely busy on prac, but now I will try to include more reflections in my blogging.  Speaking of reflecting/reflections..it’s something that Ive never really quite become used to in terms of writing it down.  In my previous career, where reflecting on how I did a job meant whether or not my business continued to remain successful, most, if not all of my reflecting happened mentally.  I also had the opportunity to talk through a lot of stuff with others in the industry which allowed me to learn from their mistakes.  I had to remember it as I had no time to go back and look through written journals etc.  Anything I learned was exactly that…a lesson learned.  Now I feel like I must have been doing it wrong all these years.  So as I approach prac, I have four guiding questions to ask after each and every lesson I teach, and after every lesson I observe.

What went well?

What didn’t go well?

What needs tweaking?

And what can be done to make those tweaks?

I guess I should also add to this by asking, What was really bad and how could I improve that?

So make that five guiding questions to start a written reflection.


It’s the final countdown….

After this post, I only have a maximum of nine to go till the end of the course.  It may be only a small feat for some but it has been a mission for me.  Like I mentioned a previous post, committing to doing something like this is hard.  I don’t know why.  I have no problem doing my usual uni tasks that are asked of me.  But when it comes to course that require regular weekly (or so) input, I really struggle.

So as the next few weeks roll on by at full speed, prac will be at the front of my mind.  Just reading a post by Jess, I can honestly say that I feel the same way in some respects.


I have chosen to delete what I initially typed here because I believe that it is so important to remain professional.  Hopefully, the people we rely on in the positions that control our future will be just as professional.

Too many times…

Feels like I’ve posted far too many blogs.  Well, more than what is required anyway.  But not yet.

With one month until the start of prac, I am beginning to get both excited and worried.  I am excited that I will be heading into a Year 6 class for the first time, but also worried that I’m not going to get the chance to feature much ICT in my lessons.

I mean in my pracs up until now, my main use of ICT has been using the smart board as a projector.  This of course is due to having to use my own computer and I don’t have access to the smart board software that is required to use the features of the IWB.  In a way, i was hoping that this course would touch on ways to maximise use of IWBs.  Maybe in the module 3 learning paths it will.  I guess I will find out once assignment 2 is out of the way.

How many times…

I’m at that point where my enjoyment of blogging is starting to wane.  I’m not sure if it’s because I got myself in the position where I had to do a few at once or just because I don’t really feel like I have a lot to say.

Reflecting on the course so far, I must say that I started off quite well.  I was diligent in blogging, I was diligent in keeping Feedly under control and so on.  I stayed up to date with the learning path activities.  Then somehow, assignment 1 took way longer than expected and everything fell in a heap.

Not to mention that I also have 3 other courses to keep up with.  I guess it is at this point of the course where I think, well it sure is the down hill run…If I can juts get assignment 2 in tomorrow, then smash out some other assignments before prac, I can finally enjoy a small break before semester 3 begins.

Woah, we’re halfway there….

So, we’re sort of like halfway ish…..oh really, I don’t know as my calendar is down in my office and I couldn’t be bothered getting up right this minute.

But anyway, sticking with the last blog’s theme of a song lyric title, this one popped into my head and here we are.  While I sit here with a sudden case of writer’s block for this post I have thought of the next post’s title.

So ICTs in the classroom…just tonight, I read a post about this and it got me thinking…..You know I’ve witnessed plenty of time wasting in many high school classrooms waiting for computers to log on, having iPads that don’t connect to the network, students who forget (constantly) their passwords and so on.

So when the students finally do get on to the school network, or the computer actually starts, then there is that problem of keeping them on task.  The school I was at, and I’m sure it’s most likely at all govie schools, was a screen watch program allowing the teacher to have every computer screen in the room displayed on their screen in real time.  This meant that anyone who decided to wander off from the task at hand could be easily encouraged straight back to work again.

Here I go again…(not) on my own

So I had a strange thought.  Every time I open WordPress to write a Blog, in my head, I hear Whitesnake‘s classic lyric, Here I go again…(of course in my head the last part is “on my blog”).  Last Blog post, my title was Here we go again…so back to my thought.  Even though I’m not like Colin, Charlotte, Chris, and others, who love the music on in the back ground when they are working, I do think, or relate things to song lyrics when working.

Sometimes it is kind of like a segue in my mind.  Weird much?

Anyway, moving on….Assignment 2 has been on the back burner. Not just because I have been working on another assignment due at the same time, but also because I am lacking any confidence in what I have done and if it is engaging or not.

How do we even know?  I mean, what i might think is an awesome task that students will love, the marker may think “no, that is ordinary….why would you do that?”  Of course it could very well go the other way too.  It is the at the discretion of the marker to decide if our learning plans will hook kids in or transform their worlds.

I know from one experience when I was teacher aiding in a Year 10 science class, the relatively new teacher had prepared this awesome lesson for her students.  The first class were amazing and enjoyed every minute of it…The second class…not so much.  Even though both classes were evenly matched (behaviour wise) normally, the second class played up like a shop full of second hand lawn mowers.  So really, what is engaging?

here we go again….

Be handy to get paid for writing these things…Does anyone know how I can achieve that?

Like Georgina I am quite a long way behind in a couple of my subjects.  This is due to many reasons, but doesn’t make trying to catch up on recorded tutes, lectures and readings any easier.  But I guess I’m in the same boat as Ashleigh.  I have been finding that reading other students blog posts are/can be very helpful as motivators to get through this and other subjects.

Unlike most in this course, I am in the fortunate position of knowing where I am going for prac, who my mentor is and what my class will be like as I had to organise it.  I know right….But the prac office says that you aren’t allowed to anymore due to QCT rules and conflicts of interest etc and any other rubbish reason they can cling to.  But for me, this is a “follow on” from EDP3333 as I was permitted (lucky me) to do the courses in a separate order.  The negative in all this is though, that my mentor is on long service leave this term, so I haven’t been able to meet up with him to do any planning.  Here’s hoping he may be available on the holidays.

And as you can see from the above, I’m still struggling to find/write about positives.

Although the weather has been pretty good where I am 😉



Learning Objectives…

Hey. How’s it going?  Hopefully assignment 2 has been going well for you all.  As I have mentioned in earlier posts, not so great for me…but it is of my own doing, and I can accept that.

Although this post may be a tad too late for any useful feedback before assignment 2 is submitted, my learning objectives are:

The natural resources provided by the environment, and different views on how they could be used sustainably (ACHGK024)

The sustainable management of waste from production and consumption(ACHGK025)

Present findings in a range of communication forms, for example, written, oral, digital, graphic, tabular and visual, and use geographical terminology(ACHGS031)

As you can probably tell, these are from the Australian Curriculum.  They come from version 7.5 from the KLA of Geography for Year 4.

The Standard Elaborations can be found on this page from QCAA.

…Blog idea…

Well in my last post, I said I was going to try an be more positive.  That’s a very difficult thing to do at times.  This is one of those times.

Formative Assessment…In previous courses throughout this degree, on pracs and working in schools for a number of years now as a Teacher Aide, I have come to know formative assessment to be a very important part of the process of teaching and gathering “data” on students to gauge how they are going, and how the teacher is going.  Is the teacher doing a good job.

I agree, there is not much point teaching a unit of work, getting to the end and having the class fail… That has happened to me in a past life as an apprentice.  The teacher, although he was a very knowledgeable gent when it came to building/engineering, he did not have a clue what he was doing, and a majority of the class failed the exam he wrote.

However, what I am annoyed about, and it doesn’t just stop at formative assessment, but in a lot of other areas too….Why teach something…ie Formative assessment is….(which aligns with the belief/definition etc in the marketplace so to speak…then in the very next course in the same program say…well hang on, it is actually this and everything you thought you knew and everything that people do in the market place to do with formative assessment is actually incorrect.

Maybe in my haste to get things ticked off my to do list, I may have overlooked some things here and it may not be a fair indication of what has happened….However, that is my perception at this point in time.

On another note.  At the start of the semester I enjoyed embracing the new idea (to me) of using Feedly.  Every day, I would open my computer and I would read all the things that appeared there.  As the days wore on, I had to limit myself to 30 mins.  Then I found I was not able to get through all of it, so I allowed 30 mins in the morning and another 30mins in the evening.  It is now week 8 and there are over 500 items in my Feedly that I have yet to read.  Not sure when/if that will happen.